About Us

We see every brief as an exciting challenge and our pursuit of excellence guides us to deliver the best possible work. We have overseen corporate transformation, managed global risk, responded to every crisis imaginable, spearheaded strategy, and led legislative change. We are proud of the trailblazing work we do and of our 100% client satisfaction rate.

Whether it be Westminster, Brussels or within the DC beltway, we’ve worked in all of the major political capitals and have an acute understanding of how to navigate the most complicated geopolitical problems and shape the debate.

Reputation takes years to build and can be lost in moments. We specialise in communications advice that protects reputations, navigates politics, understands stakeholders, raises profiles and harnesses the tools of traditional and social media for our clients.

We have worked on some of the most contested and complex issues and are always looking for a new challenge.


Our Partners

Through our global partnerships, we deliver bespoke results for our clients. We partner and work closely with organisations across the globe. Our integrated network enhances our capability to serve clients and deliver solutions utilising regional and local expertise.